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Smart Way to Clean Any Room: "Top to Bottom"

Avoid cleaning things twice by working from top to bottom. You work with gravity instead of against it. Start with the tallest surfaces first and allow dust and dirt to collect on the floor, and you don’t clean the floors until you’re done with absolutely everything else.

Step 1. Dusting: Start dusting the tallest surfaces in the room, like the ceiling fans, tops of cupboards and bookcases, counter tops, then tables, then chairs. Continue dusting, moving to lower and lower surfaces until you’re done 

Step 2. Cleaning: wipe things down as necessary, again working around the room from top to bottom. If surfaces have dust or dirt on them, feel free to sweep it off onto the floor.

Step 3 – Floors: Once everything has been dusted or wiped down and the room is as clean as you’d like it to be, then you can tackle the floors. Use your vacuum or broom to pick up all the loose dust, dirt, and hair you swept onto the floor earlier. Mop as needed (no dirty whit socks).

And just like that, you’re done! :-) No more accidentally pushing dust around the room or knocking crumbs onto your clean floor.

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