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Keeping an orderly home is a discipline that adds to one's peace of mind.

Eliminating unnecessary tasks at reasonable costs means more cherished time.

Having a comforting and routine presence at home adds value to our lives.


"Aally's" has been lovingly created based on those values, keeping in mind ourselves, our families and our friends. The ultimate goal is to make life a little better.

The founder, Lana E.K. created this company based on her own experiences and needs. Her life was  enriched by the quality in character of the employees who worked with her. That's what she wants for the rest of us.

She started her career in the banking sector, where she worked as a wealth manager and then in strategic business development for the firm’s global wealth management business. She continued to work as an adviser for a financial and business strategy-consulting firm (Global Strategy & Governance, SA) on a variety of strategic positioning and business development projects. Lana is working on building this boutique business with the aim of adding value to the community, bearing in mind the evolving needs of the current work/life dynamics. Lana has an MBA from the Simon School of Business.

The Manager, Elizabeth C. has a deep and specialized knowledge of this business, having spent over 16 years in the medical industry working with hospital housekeeping function. 


Her experience as an Operations Manager for a hospital lends to a very thoughtful and knowledgeable perspective when it comes to servicing our customers' homes. She assisted its director with the management of the 2nd and 3rd shift staff, trained staff in the appropriate cleaning procedures, and developed team-centric environment in order to achieve excellence in their program.  

Moreover, having also been an Environmental Services Manager, Elizabeth brings both management and strategic skill sets to Aally's LLC as she was responsible for large teams while managing the hospital's Hazardous Waste Program; the Emergency Management Program; as well as the Environment of Care policies & procedures.

Aally's Housekeepers are individuals who are self motivated and who take pride in their work. They derive satisfaction from the end results that include a well kept home and a satisfied client who feels truly cared for.  

Our team is ambitious and looks to leverage experiences with us towards a synergistic career path within and outside of this entity.

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