• Contact us to make your bookings, OR, we may create a booking link(s) for your property/properties to make and adjust your bookings directly.
  • Let us know if it is a same-day check-in in order prioritize your turnover
*Indicative Prices (Rates differ Based on No. of Bedrooms(b)/Baths(b), square footage, distance from downtown core)
1,000 square foot home
  • 1b1b ~$79
  • 2b2b ~$95
  • 3b2b ~$120
2,000 square foot home
  • 4b2b ~$140
  • 6b3b ~$225
Staff Communication & Photos (before and after cleaning)
  • Staff will text you on their way to the property and when they're about to leave
  • Staff will text before-pictures of clear damages or major messes (if any)
  • Staff will text after-pictures for your records 
Amenities (Optional): at cost (invoice) + $15.00 pickup/delivery fee